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Foreclosure Defense

Are you in danger of losing your home or apartment? Is your home in jeopardy and you need help? Call Tyiase Hasan & Associate Attorney-at-Law of Chicago, IL. I am a Federal Trial and Bar Lawyer in the state if Illinois. I can help with tenant/landlord evictions and foreclosure defense. I also specialize in uncontested divorces, criminal defense misdemeanors, guardianship and estates and also trusts and estate planning. Call me today for a free phone consultation for all types of legal situations. I will be more than happy to answer your questions. I have been in the area for the last 4 years and serve all locations including Matteson, Chicago, Oak Lawn, Skokie, Flossmoor and all of their surrounding areas. If you are facing legal issues with your divorce, I'm the one you need. If you need a consultation to talk about issues you are having planning your estate, give me a call.

Tyiase Hasan & Associate Attorney-at-Law of Chicago, IL is one of the leading attorneys in this area. I am the legal representation you need for any type of tenant/landlord evictions. I am the one to represent you for foreclosure defense. I am here to ensure my clients have the right representation. Never think about handling any type of legal matter alone. Always choose an attorney that has years of experience in your type of legal case. I pay attention to my clients; I listen to them; I answer every one of their questions. Give me a call to make an appointment. My staff is also very knowledgeable about the areas of law that I cover. They will be glad to answer your questions.

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